Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CPAGrip affiliate marketing and Paid Per Download...
How To make Money With CPA-Grip with no investment...

CPA-Grip is an incentive affiliate network offering ground breaking technology and industry leading direct and exclusive offers with different monetization tools like content lockers, URL / File lockers for publishers. There is no limitation of your earning and requirements, you will get an instant approval incentive CPA network and can login after verifying your email. All you need to do is start promoting and locking. All you need to get is views, clicks and generate leads by which you earn revenue.

Go cpagrip.com and sign up for your account with your email and verify your email and login. After you login your dashboard appears like as image above. It shows statistics and charts which shows what is the stats viewers, clickers and surveyors. It is sure that initially you are going to see no chart available later you can view your promotions performance keenly as the statistics and charts includes daily breakdown ( your promotions daily performance), Tool Breakdown (performance of the tools that you used to monetize) and Country Breakdown (performance in different countries).
After statistics and charts there comes Monetization tools which includes Content lockers, URL/ File lockers, Video lockers and Offer Walls. You can Lock your content of your websites, URL, File, Video or create offer walls. Choose and create the one that fits you. After you create lockers and offer walls then the there pops an window that will be like the image below:

Now you need to click on get code. The code will appear now you need to copy the code and paste in your website or blog after clicking on Enable No-JavaScript Protection and Enable Ad-block Protection.
 This code will lock your blog and website contents and URL that after the visitors wants to see your contents and links has to go through a short survey after completion of the survey You will be get paid.

If you do not have any website and URLs to lock. You can can also make money from CPAGrip as there are offer tools. click on offer tools and then my offers by which there comes lists of offers that you can promote over the internet. Click on the offer you want to promote than there comes the link.
Click copy, your link is now copied now you need to promote the link. with the same process of survey completion you will be get paid.

You are paid from PayPal, Payoneer, Wire/ACH or Check by mail. Choose the payment option that fits for you. In account setting if you are from US need to fill Tax documents W-9 USA and if you are from other country fill W-8 International

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Monday, February 13, 2017

what really is Bitcoin...
About Bitcoin  and Bitcoins Earning Sites

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically which is controlled by none. Yeah! digital currency which means it cannot be touched and printed, like dollars, pounds or yen. As per Wikipedia "Bitcoin was introduced on 31 October 2008 to a cryptography mailing list, and released as open-source software in 2009".
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It was created and proposed by a software developer called 'Satoshi Nakamoto' as an electronic payment system based on mathematical proof. Transactions in Bitcoin can be done without any link with banks and financial institution which advantages with no transaction charges. The bitcoin network is not controlled by one central authority or location. You too do not need to provide your personal detail for Bitcoin transaction because users can have multiple bitcoin addresses which aren’t linked to names, addresses, or other personally identifying information. But don't feel unsecured bitcoin stores each and every single transaction that ever happened in the network in a huge version of a general ledger, called the block-chain. Remember once you transferred bitcoins to other you cannot get back until the receiver sends you back.

You can send and receive Bitcoins from anywhere to anywhere but under the bitcoin network. Bitcoin owners and receivers can send bitcoins to each other using mobile apps or computers. It’s similar to sending cash from PayPal, Payoneer or Payza digitally. 

Here is the site that shows where you can buy and sell bitcoins. Link

The link above shows up  40+ sites from where you can can buy, sell and earn bitcoins. To earn Bitcoins you need to do the tasks and spend time agreed with those particular websites and earn bitcoins.