Friday, February 3, 2017

Easily make money online with adfly

Make money Online Easily
Absolutely, there are different ways to make money online from CPA affiliate marketing to Adsense, Monetizing videos to surveys. Money making online is a way to earn part time money as well as it has been the main earning source of earning for many people. While surfing different website/blogs, you might have seen the skip-able ads as shown below:-!! Yeah that’s what I am talking about. This is a completely different topic that how you can make money with is one of the largest URL shorten service like bitl.y and tinyurl. Difference of with tinyurl and is that you are paid for shortening URL. Wait!! Not just shortening URL, you need get a pool of visitors to make money. More the visitors see the ads more you make money and it also allows you to reduce the length of your large URLs. You can shorten URL in the form of, and

If anybody clicks any URL shorten by they will see an advertisement for 5 seconds.  5 sec is not a big deal; anybody will wait for this time for that service after then it will take to the desired location when they skip the ads. For this 5 sec advertisement you will be paid. Not only skip-able ads you can advertise banner ads which means when you shorten a link in, and the visitors clicking the URL will be redirected to the desired location and the ads will appear as banner in top and they see the ads and you will be paid but the payout is comparatively low for banner ads.

Simply, pays you money every time someone clicks on your shortened links. Now you might wonder what you should do.

Here's the step how you can monetize your shorten link with, Let’s go:

1.Go to and click join now or Join with your Facebook directly.

2. Fill up the following details which includes Your Name, Username, Email, Password etc. and join.
3.After your email verification and login with the password your dashboard will appear with URL shrinking options like this-
Put your link as shown in the red highlighted area above and click shrink. 
4 Your URL will shrink like this-
copy the link and promote over the internet. keep in mind do not spam Nobody likes spam.
That's all you do not need any type of extra skill to make money. Adfly says that it pays $5 per 10000 visitors.
TIP:The more visitors you bring the more you will be paid, visitors from countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia will have high CPM rate.

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