Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Organizing and Its importance in business...

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Organizing and Its importance in business…

A business cannot be successful without proper management. Proper management means sound planning, organizing, directing and controlling of each and every activity that a business performs. Among the four pillars of management organizing is one that cannot be denied for better performance and results. Organizing is an important function of management. Organizing is process of identifying and combining of various activities, establishing authority and responsibility, relationship among job positions and maintaining good coordination and communication within the enterprise. Organizing function includes bringing together physical, financial, human and other resources and ensures optimum utilization of the resources available to achieve the desired performance or desired goals. Organizing activities in management is basically concerned with the creation of organizational structure which serves as the framework within which the enterprise performs. It links the activities or actions with the authority and responsibility in an enterprise. Organizing overall goal is to enable people to work together for common goal.

Organizing not only refers to the number of groups or department of people, but also the way they are interconnected and are related to each other. Organizing makes the activities best connected with the authority and responsibilities given. Organizing leads to proper arrangement of man, material and resources at right place and time. Organizing involves in dividing the work activities, linking the functions or activities and making organizational hierarchy with proper authority and reporting structure.

Organizing has high importance and need in a business or an organization for management, and a sound organization or business is a tool of effective management. With better organizing better management direction, coordination and control is possible.

Importance of organizing

Clear authority and responsibility: Organizing assigns each person to perform a respective task to perform; he/she is given necessary authority to perform the task. This helps to avoid confusions and conflicts in the organization.

facilitates coordination: Organizing aims at establishing relationship among various sections, departments, activities and functions so that each people perform different tasks in a coordinated manner.

* develops morale: By having appropriate authority and responsibility employees are allowed to make decisions for the task which accelerates to develop morale and build confidence.
* Optimum utilization of organizational resources: Organizational resources like, man, material and money are utilized at optimum level because of clearly defined jobs and defined resources for each activity.

* Specialization of the work: As organizing ensures right person at right place and time as per his/her skill, ability and knowledge which leads to improvement or specialization in the quality of work and also saving the time and expenses.

* Eliminates duplication of work: With proper organizing everyone is clear about their work and responsibilities as per their ability by which it eliminates duplication and re-works.

* Growth and Diversification: Organizing makes the organizational structure by which it facilitates the growth, diversification and expansion of business.

Adaptation of change: Change in environment can bring both positive and negative result for an organization. Organizing makes the structure of organization flexible enough to adapt the changes like product/service market change, technological change, political change and other different internal and external environmental change.

These are some of the importance of organizing. Good organizing never brings negative results; make sure you and your business is well organized. Have you ever felt that organizing has brought good outcome in your business please share to us.